Cognitive Developmental Stages Of Children

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The well-known cognitive developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget, proposed 4 different cognitive stages of human development. Based on his examination and research on children, Piaget determined that these four cognitive developmental stages were associated with the achievement of particular milestones. The first stage of Piaget’s cognitive developmental stage is the Sensory Motor Stage. It occurs from birth to 2 years. The second one is the pre-operational Stage, which occurs in children aged around 2 to 7. The third stage is concrete operational stage, which children are around age 7 to 11. The final stage is the formal operations stage, which adolescents from the age around 11 to 16 or more. The purpose of this paper is to understand the cognitive stage for children in different age, and how they perform and think logically in each stage. In this paper, I did option 2 on the conservation of liquid task by using Piaget’s concrete operational stage and compare how children still in the pre-operation stage performed differently. The task was appropriate to compare the two children. My experiment is to test children’s ability to conserve liquid, and according to Piaget, children that have not entered the concrete operational stage tend to fail to conserve liquid. People can easily see the differences of logical reasoning between children in these two different stages. The concrete operational stage is Piaget 's third stage of children’s cognitive development. In this stage,
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