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An aggressive growth strategy is unequivocally and strongly recommended for Coe’s at this time.

Executive Leadership and Corporate Philosophy
Coe’s has been a trusted brand in the U.S and Canadian markets for well over half a century, and has enormous brand recognition in many major markets. The company’s mission statement and value proposition “an affordable path to ownership while still making a profit,” has been the guiding principle for business operations since its inception in 1950. Coe’s present executive leadership team, specifically the CEO, Stan Windham and the CFO, Carl Amirault, were protégées of the founder of Coe’s, Terry Windham, and they continue to be guided by these founding principles while staying true to their core leadership styles: Carl Amirault is typically prudent and conservative, while Stan Windham( son of Founder) is idealistic and intuitive. Implementing a growth strategy which includes expanding into Mexico will require the leadership tendencies of both of these key decision makers. Global expansion, starting with the neighbor to the south, Mexico, will allow Coe’s to grow the core business faster, but consistently, while capitalizing on the strengths of the existing brand and taking advantage of the opportunities to reach new global markets as well.

A New Growth Strategy via Expansion to Mexico
As depicted in the case study “Play It Safe at Home or Take a Risk Abroad”, Coe’s is

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