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Review of the 2014/15 Coca Cola Sustainability Report Part 1 – Report Analysis 1. Coca Cola’s sustainability strategy is aligned rather than being just an afterthought. That is, the sustainability strategy is effectively aligned with the company’s strategic objective. As Coca Cola endeavors to refresh the world, the company and its local bottling partners strive at creating new value for their customers. The management is also committed not only on effectively implementing the strategy, but also keeping it aligned with the general strategic objective (Coca Cola, 2015). 2. The company’s sustainability report follows Triple Bottom Line (TBL) and the goals also reflect the TBL. The TBL is a framework that integrates three…show more content…
Furthermore, the report follows other international frameworks. For instance, the report follows the United Nations Global Compact LEAD Program and it also satisfies the United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress standards. 5. Apart from internal verification, the report is also verified by third parties. For instance, Coca Cola permitted their independent accountants, Ernst & Young LLP to conduct review-level assurance on sustainability indicators associated with health living programs, Plant Bottle packaging, greenhouse gas emissions, No or Low-calorie beverages, and front-of-pack labeling, among others (Coca Cola, 2015). Other third parties also offered more external assurance of non-financial metrics. 6. Additionally, the report encompasses bad news, good news, challenges and opportunities. As far as good news is concerned, the report explains the company’s success in their top three sustainability priorities including support of well-being, water, and women. In terms of bad news, the report informs that the company is not contended with not only their sustainability progress, but also the milestones they have accomplished (Coca Cola, 2015). The report also informs that the company faces critical challenges when sourcing more sustainable products especially HFC-free coolers. The company also faces challenges
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