Cold War Causes

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Causes of the Cold War
The cold war was an extremely long war between the United States and the Soviet Union. This paper will be examining the causes of this war and they are America’s refusal to share their nuclear secrets with the USSR, American’s fear of communism and what the Soviet Union thought about America. This conflict could’ve easily been avoided. The introduction of nuclear warfare had a lasting impact on the world. America’s suspicions about Russia began in the year 1950. Per the document, “In particular, the United States now faces that within the next four or five years the Soviet Union will possess the military capability of delivering a surprise atomic attack of such weight that the United States must have substantially increased general air, ground, and sea strength, atomic capabilities, and air and civilian defenses to deter war and provide reasonable assurance, in the event of war, that it could survive the initial blow and go on to the eventual attainment of its objectives” (Document #9). Shortly after the United States successfully exploded the first hydrogen bomb in 1952, Russia retaliated with one of their own. After the introduction of massive retaliation in 1954, both countries became extremely cautious of each other. Because of this situation, the government encouraged American citizens to build bomb shelters underground in their backyards and they encouraged many school districts to conduct bomb drills to prepare children for a possible bomb

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