Cold War Symbolism

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James Bond is a representation of the cold war because he helped other countries side with The West.The show started in the 1950s, in the middle of the Cold War. Many countries had military, economical, and political tension between each other and the James Bond show highlighted that. This show was emphasized on the cold war because the creator wanted people to understand why the war was happening. James Bond started in the Mid 1950s. During that time was the start of the Cold War.The USSR and USA had economic and cultural tension .During this time, the West wanted people to be on their side and having a fictional character represent the war help the West understand it more. My Primary source is from the International Journal of Instructional Media. They went wrote in detail about both James Bond and The Cold War. Some of my key points are The Cold War, James Bond, Russia, and United States.They explain all of them in detail and give enough facts to write about. My paper will focus mostly on The United State side and on how James Bond is a symbol for it. Propaganda is used to show one side of the story. They use it to persuade to people to be on their side. “James Bond was used as propaganda to get people to agree with The West during the Cold War” (Mulvihill 225). This says that the United States used a fictional character to appeal to a certain crowd of people. It is important because the United States needed a representation of the Cold War and the media is the

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