Coleman Art Museum

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COLEMAN ART MUSEUM The problem: The problem with Coleman Art Museum is the inability to produce any revenue from the past three years as well as the company had gone into their financial reserves in order to cover costs from losses. Company overview: The Coleman Art Museum (CAM) is a nonprofit corporation located in Universal City, which is a large metropolitan area in the western United States. CAM was founded in 1925, it was originally named Fannel county Museum of Fine Arts. But in 2000 the name was changed to Jonathon A. Coleman Art Museum in order to pay tribute to large sum of money that Coleman had left to the museum. CAM shows both Art and history and offers a very unique perspective on both. Attendance has shown to be…show more content…
Mail solicitations include a letter from the museum director, a brochure describing the museum, and a membership application form. Tele-phone solicitations include a follow- up brochure and application form. SWOT analysis: STRENGHTS * C.A.M. is publicly mandated. (The citizens of Fannel County and the vision and generosity of Jonathon Coleman) * It has the best balanced collection between Western and non- Western art of any museum in the country. * C.A.M. doesn’t sell or promote the unique aspects of this collection or the museum’s emphasis on historical context. * C.A.M. is Very different from other museums. * Auxiliary activities continued to show a positive contribution to museum operations. WEAKNESSES * C.A.M. museum has a weak or nonexistent image (It is basically correct to say that, in the mind of the public, CAM has no image. There is nothing about this [building] that says, “I’m a museum,” or “Come in”) * Need more visits and membership * C.A.M. recorded its third consecutive annual loss in 2004. * Non-profit organization have limited raisin fund capabilities, it refers to donations and memberships * The recruiting member process is costly * The need for institutional advertising was raised, since C.A.M. had been promoting only special exhibitions and events. OPPORTUNITY * C.A.M. is also available for private showings and is often used for corporate, foundation, and various fund-
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