Collaborative Learning Essay

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Related Literature. According to Dr.Banerjee (2015) students gives more ideas about the task assigned to them in collaborative learning process. Each students has a very important role in having a collaborative work. Learning is what students “do” and not what they “get” as passive receivers. The teachers are the facilitators of the students and not the “giver” of knowledge. Through this process the students learn not by being fed the information, but rather giving their own insights on a certain topic as well as the insight of others. One of the benefits of Collaborative Learning is the vast difference of skills between all members. This would mean that diversity is an eminent part of Collaborative Learning with each member having specific …show more content…

In most collaborative learning situations students are working in groups of two or more, mutually searching for understanding, solutions, or meanings, or creating a product. Based on what Barkley have stated, we can initially have an idea that it is better to work in groups. Working with other individuals gives someone a better connection with the world and through it, a problem can be solved easier and way too fast.

Related Studies. Gokhale, Anuradha A. (1995) conducted a study about Collaborative Learning Enhances Critical Thinking, The idea of Collaborative learning in, the gathering and blending of Students with the end goal of accomplishing a scholastic objective, has been generally inquired about and pushed all through the expert writing. The expression "Collaborative learning" refers to a guideline technique in which Students at different execution levels cooperate in little groupings toward a shared objective. The students are in charge of each other's learning and also on their own. Along these lines, the achievement of one Student causes different Students to be

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