College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Music Teacher

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“Never quit singing,” this is what a stranger told me at my final high school choir performance. I stood there for a moment and wondered why such a tiny statement had such a grand impact on me. I had performed solos many times, always ending with a roar from the crowd and standing ovations. However, I never truly believed that I was worth cheering for. It was standard edict in our small town to cheer for any performance, regardless of how terrible it was. However, when a stranger took the time to reach out to me and look me straight in the eye, it gave me the feeling that I had genuine talent. This was the moment where I discovered my passion to be a vocal music instructor. To help teenagers discover their talent, believe in themselves, and find where they fit in the world. Personally, my experience with finding where I fit and what makes me happy has be exhausting. From a very young age I have suffered with low self-esteem and…show more content…
At this point I decided to try and make the best out of it. I got my first job two weeks after my 16th birthday. Whatever time I wasn’t working I filled with school and church activities. I was in cheerleading, journalism, president of FCA, and anti-drug use clubs. However none of these activities gave me a sense of wholeness quite like choir. When I was on stage I felt alive. Anytime I was able to perform in front of a live audience I felt like I was home, and every voice saying I wasn’t worthy of feeling that joy was silenced. I feel as though MTSU’s music program will equipped me with the tools and skills necessary to help today’s youth discover the magic of singing. High school is a four year journey to deciding what kind of person you want to become. It can be such a confusing and chaotic time. My dream is to help those students who cross my path discover a positive outlet for their troubles through music. Just as I did. I know with the aid of MTSU, it is more than
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