College Admissions Essay: I Will Determine My Future

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For as long as I can possibly remember, my family has struggled horribly; therefore, I was certain that college was not an option for me. Since my family was low class, I immediately thought I would never be able to be higher than them. Daydreams constantly fluttered in my unconscious, wanting atleast an opportunity to attend college. By the time I was in eighth grade, I was set on having to skip college; although, time went by and once I started high school, I knew I was completely wrong. Realization hit me with force stronger than an eighteen wheeler and I now know that my past does not determine my future.
As a small child, I was repeatedly told that college was almost impossible. A main idea pounded into my brain was that because my family
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Junior year rolled around and I launched myself into college and high honor material. Throughout that year, I took three advanced level sciences, two being college courses. Beside the fact that science is a recurring elective in my educational career, I have also completed three years of art, and as of right now, completing a fourth. Since the beginning of highschool, I have been in the top twenty percent of my class, which baffles me. Being at the top of anything academically shocks me because my family members never were, so I assumed I would not be as well. Although, school is a giant part of my life, I do not just aim for high grades. Yes, high grades are an important part of my goals, however, I venture into volunteer work and try to be as helpful as I can to everyone who may be in need.
Opening my eyes and realizing the shocking reality of how I can achieve absolutely anything pulls me through each day with a giant smile on my face. In my heart, I always viewed college as a chapter in my life I would never have, or never be ready for. Throughout the days, I became aware that I was extremely wrong. It was not me who was not ready for college and advanced education, it was college who was simply not ready for me and my dedicated
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