College Admissions Essay: Making The Right Decision

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Making the Right Decision I've graduated high-school, time to have fun and live life to the fullest right? That's not exactly how life goes, unfortunately. As a kid I used to plan out when I was going to get married, when I was going to have my kids, and so on. I learned a few short years ago, that's not how my life was going to go. Instead, I was blessed with my daughter at the end of my senior year. Since then, it has been more difficult to do anything for myself. My life revolves around my daughter so thinking of anything but her seems out of the question. After two years of thinking and praying, I came to an important decision for myself. To fulfill my dream and passion of becoming a NICU nurse, I made the decision to go to college. My …show more content…

I work thirty hours a week and live about forty minutes from my work. By the time I get off work, go pick her up from daycare, and get home, it's close to 6 o'clock. Not including all the days I have to run errands. I had to think of a way to find time for school, so I chose online college. Even doing online schoolin, I would still have to make a great amount of time for it. Many ideas later, I would come straight home from work, work on school work for an hour while she played, then after I put her to bed. That would give me just enough time to get a large amount of work done. Some nights I would have to stay up later then I would want, but I know it will be worth it in the end. Being in high-school, I was one of those kids that said, "I would not ever go to college." Now, after two years, I am on my way to succeeding my passion that I once dreamed of as a kid. This journey will be very difficult, but a few years now, I'll be living my dream. When I become a nurse and I am taking care of all the babies, I'll look back knowing it was all worth it. After all the thoughts, prayers, and everything falling into place, I know this is what I was meant to

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