College Admissions Essay: Moving To A New Environment

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Having to move to a new environment that is across the world can be a difficult thing to deal with as a child, everything seems to be mighty and new. From a small place like Vietnam and moving to Utah is like being pulled out of my natural environment and put into a new place. It is not an easy thing to deal with in the beginning, it was uncomfortable, and everything is just so new. With all of those things going on while being so young helped me become more independent. I also don’t easily give up easily if I’m determined to get something done, I will keep going until I finish. I keep myself focused and go for what I’ve set out.

With school, I make sure to get all my stuff in on time and not procrastinate. I try my best to get all my homeworks in on time and make sure all of them are well done . For the future, after I got all my credits and graduate, I plan to attend at SLCC and get all my generals done and after that I would study out of state. With the plan of studying out of state I want to attend at a university in California and go to a business school. While I’m in school, I want to get a job as a
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I like to keep myself active by doing tennis, not only it help me relieve my stress but also teach me how to work with others and learn from one another. Another thing that I enjoy doing is being in LAT which stand for “Lancers Action Team”, we do a lot of volunteer work like going to elementary school and read to the kids or going to the old people home to make crafts and play bingo with them. Doing things like that make me feel like I’m adding more valuable things to my life and also open my eyes to many things in life. As I grow and learn I have becoming more responsible towards my action, I know what is good and bad for me. I’ve learn to see what I am capable of doing and not to set limit for
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