College Admissions Essay: Taekwondo In Young Girls

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In my childhood, I was always told that as a girl, I supposed to be tender and quiet. Therefore, in order to be an elegant girl, I learned to dance from 6 years old. But in personality, I am aggressive and active, like a boy. Even though I really enjoy the feeling of standing under the spotlight, I subconsciously aspire to get a black belt. I am fond of Taekwondo, but no matter how I persuade my parents and show them how much I love this sport, my parents still do not think that girls should do such a violent sport, which does not fit the temperament of a female.
Many years later, my parents finally agreed to send me to a Taekwondo class. I could eventually wear my Taekwondo suits, and tie the belt that is the symbol of the levels; I could sweat and try my best to challenge my limits both physically and mentally. …show more content…

My sweat and tears mixed to make my belt color darker and darker, which has proved to everyone that I can do Taekwondo as well as any other boys, or even better than them.
This personal experience has greatly improved my health and tempered my will, and hence shaped my personality. It has also inspired me to establish a girls’ Taekwondo club someday at the University of Washington, to share my skills and character with more girl students and add to the richness of campus life

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