The American Revolutionary War: A Significant Role In The Present

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A past that plays a significant role in the present was the American Revolutionary War because that’s how America became independent and became free from the British forces. If America hadn’t beaten the British, we would still be under their control and still acting like slaves for them. There would not be men called the founding fathers. There would not be a government system like we have today in America, and we wouldn’t be called the United States of America today. After the war, one of the leaders who led the rebel army was George Washington, later on after the war he became the first ever president of the United States of America. The presidential seat has been passed on throughout generations till this day as Barrack Obama is our 44th president currently. After the war, America began to make a political system and as each year passes by it has became stronger and stronger. By winning this war it other countries gain respect for America because they pushed out a whole army out of the country. Sooner the government made laws that would keep America safe and strong with very little chaos. These laws are one of the biggest reasons of how the United States of America is today. …show more content…

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