College Admissions Essay: The Choices Of My Life

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Some choices I made in the past cost me to stumble. The choices I made in my past experiences taught me a lot. But I wouldn’t change any of the choices I made. Those choices allowed me to become a better person for today and tomorrow. A lot of my actions taught me you can never be a leader if you continue to follow. So I am sharing a few moments in my life were choices affect me and my loved ones. “Hit the joint.” My cousin Nini voice kept repeating. “I am scared.” I mumbled while taking the joint and putting it to my lips. As I take a big pull I feel the smoke hit the back of my throat like I swallowed a ball of fire. I coughed repeatedly as if I had bad cold gasping for air but the smoke seem to suffocate me. Everything went quiet, minutes later I felt my body go numb, eyes got low and that’s when I noticed I liked the feeling. After that first pull I knew then this is where my choices started. Once I started smoking, doing other things that got me off focus. I started not caring, hanging out late, partying, skipping class and dating older guys. Hanging out late had me in all kinds of trouble with my parents and the law. Drinking and smoking in the park after hours when I knew it wasn’t right but I was just following a few …show more content…

Responsible enough to make better choices. My mom now can trust the things I tell her. I gained faith to know you can overcome and achieve anything you put your mind to. Enough strength to get my life together. I keep myself motivated so I will not turn back into that lost girl I once was. The choices I made affected me in many ways but I am glad I can say them choices allowed me to become the person I am today. I picked myself up and continued school, got a guy that really loves me and I am making choices better for my future. Them stages in my life came out to be a life lesson and a story to tell my sisters if they start falling

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