College Admissions Essay: When I Feel Helpless

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When We Feel Helpless
Are you facing an overwhelming problem that seems no ending? Do you feel helpless? Did you ask yourself what’s going on? Did you say, I don’t really know what to do? I don’t know where to go?
They said life is short and beautiful we need to enjoy and live like there’s no tomorrow. But how can I be happy of what’s happening in my life. I’m a very simple person and a good daughter and I acknowledge that I am not perfect but I’m trying my best to be a good person. I worked so hard for so many long years in my life and always in my heart to help my family. I married so late since my heart is to help my family and my brother and sisters. Time comes when I decided to get married at my 36th years of age, a very nice guy that …show more content…

My husband loved his son so very much, which I do really understand him as he stands as a mother and a father to his son. Because I loved my husband I respect his decision being with his 17 years old son living with us. I just hold on to the love and promises we have made together as husband and wife and really try to understand my husband even though I’m not use to be with a very aggressive attitude and un respectful son as the days goes by my husband son is more violent toward my husband and being hooked with all kinds of different drugs, my husband was really trying to guide and help his son but it seems so more and more problems. I became pregnant twice and lost it because of the stress that I can’t handle and even feeling to leave my husband because I can’t stand anymore to live together with his son. I know my husband is always protecting me but still so worried about what’s going to happen next. All I know is that my husband son is really trying to do his best to break our marriage because of his selfishness and jealousy. My husband and I are really trying to help him we even asked help to have a counseling just to keep our family okay. It was May 2010 when I gave birth to a baby girl, she is my third pregnancy, my husband is happier ever and were very thankful to our God that we have a precious adorable girl, she’s everything for us. I thought this will change everything because my husband son has a little sister and thought that he will change and respect us at least, but were wrong. My daughter was only three years old when my husband son made a story just to get what he wants that we will be separated from his Dad my husband. The authority believed what the story is and we have been separated since 2013 of February and it was a big mess. And it was too late when my husband son realized what they did is wrong, it was

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