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Thinking and writing critically is not something you’re born with! This is why people attend universities and colleges to earn a degree, but actually how effective is going to colleges and universities when it comes to learning these skills? My personal opinion on this matter is that everyone should further their education to better them self’s and grow as a person. But I feel as if college and universities are not for everyone depending on their previous level of education. For example, someone who has an eighth-grade education, but has a successful career with the skills he or she has learned or been taught through everyday life would not necessarily benefit from going to college. Because not only they are successful, but they would not be able to keep up in college because of their education level.
According to “On Your” going to college will be worth it because college graduates get paid more than high school graduates, and the yearly median income for those with bachelor’s degrees is about twice as much as high school graduates, and 22 percent more than associate-degree holders. Over a lifetime a college student with a bachelor’s degree will make roughly around $1.1 million more than those who just have an associate’s degree. Also, more jobs are requiring degrees. In today’s society, more people are getting degrees for jobs that you would only need a high school diploma which means employers are more likely to be looking for employees with degrees. In some

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