College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Lizzy Tilton

Professor Castor

LAN 101

7 December 2017

Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid

In, recent years, there has been much controversy over whether college athletes should be paid. The argument has primarily consisted of whether college athletes deserve special monetary treatment over the other students at universities. Some athletes are starting to feel exploited because the universities are using the players in their advertising campaigns. These students aren’t receiving any financial compensation for their images being used in the media. These athletes are bringing in millions of dollars to their schools in sponsorships, but what are they getting in return? College athletes should have their full tuition, meals, and housing paid for, but the school should not be responsible for giving these student athletes money for playing. The school should not be responsible for paying the athletes because college athletes are financially irresponsible, college athletic programs cannot afford to pay athletes, playing sports is a privilege, and it would remove athletes’ competitive nature and passion for the game.
Being paid to play? A debate that has been talked about for quite some time now on campuses and across the college conferences. Of course, you have those people who would agree and say yes, they should be paid because colleges make a lot of money through their football and basketball programs. Student athletes are being exploited if they don’t get a

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