College Athletes Should be Paid

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College Athletes Kim Kardashian’s ex lover is not just famous for dating a “Kardashian”; he was more famous for the controversial issue with the NCAA due to proceeds given to him for his ability on the field. Reggie Bush made a lot of accomplishments while being a college athlete. Because of his skills, he was rewarded an amount of money. While Reggie Bush was playing at the University of Southern California, statistics show that the college generated roughly fifty-five million dollars. That’s a lot of money for one athlete to bring in. Every day we hear more and more stories about NCAA investigators and colleges being punished for “paying” players. However, college athletes bring in a lot of money. Therefore, they should get a percentage whether it is a small amount or a large amount. It will depend on the athletes’ ability. While some may argue that paying college athletes to play is wrong, college athletes have a marketable skill and should be paid for their skill. Reggie Bush was one of the best running backs in college sports. He won the Heisman award and was named Freshman All- American. The University of Southern California, the college Reggie Bush was playing for also won a bowl game. So this big issue comes up about the college paying him to play, and should the NCAA revoke his award. Reggie Bush just told them they could have the Heisman award, and that he did not want it if it would be that big of a deal. Due to the University of Southern California paying

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