Essay On College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Every year in the United States, thousands of collegiate student-athletes participate in a variety of different sports, and currently they do not receive paychecks for their performances. College athletics have attained an extensive popularity increase among Americans over the past few decades. This has resulted into increased revenues for the National Collegiate Athletic Association [NCAA] and the participating colleges, which has fuelled the debate of whether or not college athletes should collect an income. College athletes should not be paid to play because it will negatively affect their college experience. Rather, they should be compensated for their dedication to the sport. Many student athletes accept scholarships to play at a …show more content…

“In the state of Pennsylvania 71 percent of students leave a public four-year institution or private nonprofit four year institution in debt. The average debt is $32,528” (McCauley). This can be an immense strain on someone who may or may not have a job awaiting them after college. Therefore, student-athletes are lucky to earn the opportunity to graduate without the burden of debt.
Another concern with paying college athletes is the uncertainty in the importance of each sport. The NCAA would not be able to create a system that would distribute funds to all athletes in an equal way. It does not seem fair that the athlete who is competing in the National Championship with millions of people watching them is being paid the same amount as the athlete who plays a sport that does not air on national television. It is not the athlete 's fault for playing a less popular sport. They may work equally as hard, so should they not be equally rewarded? As stated by McCauley, “The NCAA reported that 28.3 million viewers watched the 2015 NCAA Men’s Division I National Championship between Wisconsin and Duke. They also reported there were 3.1 million viewers for the 2015 NCAA Women’s Division I National Championship between Notre Dame and UConn” (McCauley). According to these statistics, more people want to watch the men play, but that does not mean the women do not work as hard. They cannot

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