College Education And The American Dream

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College Education and the American Dream In American culture, the theory of the “American Dream” provides a goal for the American people to reach and acts as a purpose of achieving happiness and obtaining financial stability in life. During the 1920’s this classic American Dream appeared effortless and workable through the determination to get out of the circumstances of the Great Depression, but as time passed that proved to be wrong. This goal has affected present day college graduates obtaining nice houses and standard living materials. College graduates in modern society are at a disadvantage of reaching the ideal American Dream due to the control of government increasing college tuition, putting a divide between social classes and the undersupply of jobs available in their field. The American Dream during the 1920’s was an idea that success was obtainable for everyone through hard work despite the circumstances. It was an idea derived from Our Founding Fathers and the Constitution that satisfied the needs of all American citizens. It gave the American people the right to pursue personal life happiness. During the Great Depression, the dream was founded by many individuals that wanted better lives for their families to make sure that everyone strived together (“The American Dream” Our Founding Fathers). It was a dream that revolved around growing collectively as a nation than as individuals, which made the vision achievable. The American Dream in modern

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