College Education Is The Question

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To Go To College Or Not To Go To College That Is The Question One of the questions that plague many high school seniors is do I go to college or do I find a min wage job? I for one was one of the latter seniors I thought I don’t need a college education I will be fine making min wage, now 20 years later here I am learning that a college education does make a difference. Even though I have not yet completed my degree I can already tell you how much difference a college education has made in my way of thinking just during two semesters. Have you ever watched a movie and thought how lucky some of those actors are because they never have to go to college? What if I told you that you were wrong, a lot of actors and athletes have a college education, and some even went to school after they became famous. Several of Hollywood’s elite actors and actresses understand the importance of higher education. Natalie Portman majored in psychology from Harvard and graduated in 2003 after she was already famous. Dakota Fanning is currently studying at NYU years after she first hit the big screen. After completed the movie series Harry Potter, Emma Watson graduated last year from Brown University and Oxford. The one actor who stands out the most to me is James Franco, he not only went to college he graduated from UCLA in 2008, Columbia in 2010, and is currently enrolled at Yale, while teaching writing classes at UCLA and NYU (Lai). We never realize how lucky we are to be able to have a
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