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I want to start by noting that my grade in HAC is a 96.61%, which already would warrant a grade of an A for the quarter, but of course I understand the reasoning behind wanting us students to articulate an argument for ourselves. Throughout the quarter I have consistently put in effort and participated in class, working hard to get the A grade I believe I deserve. To address the first of the 6 sections, “On Time,” I have completed all my assignments on time, including my readings as well. Even though I had been sick one weekend and asked for extra time to read Black Elk Speaks, I still worked hard to read it before the initial due date (which I actually did do!). Considering that section is simply about turning in work on time, and I …show more content…

A lot of my participation and success in the class is also due to the goals I set for myself and my self-directedness. I have a goal of matriculating to Yale or Princeton, and I know that takes hard work. I have consistently worked hard in class in an effort to achieve this goal, even going above and beyond. A couple of weeks ago, I did enrichment for The Mexican’s Revenge. Admittedly, that wasn’t due to my goals, but rather how much of an effect the poem had on me, but either way, it is a positive thing! As noted in the comments above, the only situation in which I believe I faltered this quarter was my failing to connect to the Definite Dozen in my notebooks on a Daily Basis. I did, however, do a lot of good work, and you even told me directly how excellent it was for the second notebook check. I have worked really hard in this class to meet all my deadlines and work towards achieving my collegiate goals, and so I think I deserve an A when it comes to Personal Outcome. Speaking to that, I even asked you to go over my Common App essay with me a week before it was due. As soon as I’m done proofreading and checking this piece over, I will be opening up a tab to work on that! Over the course of this quarter I have worked very hard, and produced fine work from that effort. Thus, considering I believe myself deserving of an A grade

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