College Essay : Is College Worth The Cost?

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Is college worth the cost? Many people believe that it is not worth it but there are a few people who say it is. College cost has gone up by so much over the years. Less and less people are deciding to go to college because of the cost and the worth. Debt is on the rise, and many people would rather just go get a job now then be in debt for most of their lives from college. College these days just is not for everyone. College cost is much too much these days. It can cause an increase in health and financial problems. Just the stress alone causes students to have health issues. The college stress can lead to headaches, weight gain, fatigue, teeth grinding, insomnia, feeling of hopelessness, anxiety and low self esteem; each one of those problems can be caused to a single student and can cause them to shut themselves out and quit college. Forty point two percent of college students are frequently overwhelmed.(Is a College). Nevertheless, many graduates say that if they took out more than fifty thousand dollars that it wasn’t even worth it. In fact, only sixty-five percent of people say that college was even worth the cost. There are many famous people who didn’t even attend college such as, Steve Jobs, Mary Kay Ash, and Henry Ford, plus many others. This causes students to wonder if college is worth the cost because they could try to become famous and get rich without even going to college.(Is college worth). They would have to make fifty one thousand three hundred and

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