College Essay On The Ot Program

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With something as important as my education, there is no room for error. While there are many OT programs in the country, not all programs are created equal. I first became interested in the TTUHSC MOT program after speaking with current students and admissions officers at a health fair during my sophomore year of college in 2015. The students had nothing but raving reports about the program. Everyone said that they really liked the small class size and that the professors genuinely cared about their success. I believe it speaks volumes when students offer genuine praise about a program. During my observation hours I met too many therapists who deterred me from applying to the program they graduated from either due to the program’s …show more content…

I look forward to being surrounded by more like minded people who have the same desire as myself, to become an occupational therapist. During my undergraduate career I was surrounded by many students who had intentions of applying to psychology graduate programs or physical therapy programs, but I had little interaction with other students with plans of applying to occupational therapy programs. I am a very driven and motivate student which I have demonstrated throughout my academic career. As a result of my determination and motivation I will be graduating with my bachelor's degree early despite transferring schools and changing majors. I took classes every summer, not because I needed to, but because I enjoyed staying busy and challenging myself. I always knew I would be applying to graduate programs one day, so my grades were of the utmost importance to me. One of the greatest challenges I foresee facing me with the transition from undergraduate work to graduate work is changing my mindset about grades and retained knowledge. I have always had a knack for memorizing which has aided me well when it comes time to study as all I had to do was memorize a mnemonic and recall it for the test, but depending on the subject, recall a few months later was sometimes foggy. Unlike undergraduate course work

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