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High schoolers tend to be rather lazy and often do the bare minimum of their work. I hate to admit that I can be included. High school came quite easy to me and I rarely had to pick up and read (or study) a book outside of my classes. Now that I am in college, I became aware that this is not how college is going to work. My college professors expect a lot more from me than my high school teachers. Although senioritis was a real struggle for me, I maintained a solid GPA and took my assignments seriously. If I were to explain how I plan to perform as a college student it would be the exact opposite of my high school behavior. Now that I am in college I have more pressure than ever to get good grades and balance other events going on in my life. My parents, who graciously allow me to live at home without paying any rent, have committed their whole income to providing for our full house of eight people and four dogs. They hit a rough patch over the summer and I decided that the least I could do was work and bring in extra income to help keep things running smoothly at home. I grew fond of the idea of working and continued to do so even after my parents’ financial situation was resolved. I saved up enough money to buy myself a laptop that would guarantee to enhance my college experience. I was determined to start the school year off with every desire to succeed. A week before college began, I researched different studying techniques. I did this because I never studied in my

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