My Father : A Short Story

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Growing up, we were a happy family; however that all changed when my dad lost his job during my junior year in high school. At the earlier age, it was hard for me to understand what could have made my dad turned into such a different person. There began constant fighting around the house; it made me hated my family to the point that all I could think about was leaving them. I started to hide in my room whenever they fight. As time goes on, it became a habit to go in my room and sleep whenever I came home from school. Slowly, I lost motivation in everything. I used to be able finish all my homework before dinnertime. But it got the point when it was really hard just to write an email to my teacher, explaining why I could not turn in the …show more content…

After withdrawing from PLU, I decided to attend Bellevue College. Without wanting to waste more money, I decided to work harder, however I still did not receive the grades I wanted. I believe that the things that were holding me back were my mentality, and having no motivation. I taught myself to cook meals for my family. At first it was awkward siting at the same table with my dad, but as time goes by we started talking about the weather. Then I remember one time I was doing the dishes then my dad came and help me putting the dishes away without saying anything – I felt like crying. Slowly, without realizing it, we became a family again. However the thing that helps changed my mentality the most was that my brother was able to get into University of Washington despite being in the same situation as I. He was the little brother that used to cry and sleep next to me when our parents fight. What I learned from his is that he has a forgiving heart. May be our parents have wronged him in the past, but he told me that he just talk it out, and then he forgives them.
Summer 2016 I asked my parents to be able to work, and also to let me pay for my own tuition. I particularly wanted to because I believe that doing this would help me build my perseverance. When the following fall quarter began, I kept a strict daily schedule to help myself juggle through work and school. However, there was still

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