College Football Is More Fast Paced, And More Interesting

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College football is more fast paced, and more interesting to watch thann over paid football players making millions to play a quarter of the year. College players are more self disciplined and a good number of athletes end up doing more than just playing football. They are executives, coaches, and teachers. College football players should not get paid to play football because of the real purpose of college and it is to obtain a college degree. The coaches have already put in their time and that is why they make the big bucks. College already get the perks just for playing football. They are offered a college degree for free with scholarship programs. People that graduate without scholarships are forced to struggle paying off all of …show more content…

Forbes says “If payment begins and there is no cap, the bidding war among colleges for some players will be hard to control. Are people ready for the few colleges with the financial resources (which would be ten to twenty schools) getting virtually all the best football and basket players? (Forbes) With pay to the coming to the student the want and drive to play in the NFL. There would not be any incentive to play in the professional league, when they are making good money in the college level. College is an amateur sport and should be treated that that way and not glorify the students athletes. According to the New Yorker says “The N.C.A.A ideal of amateurism in college athletics has come to border on farce. In the highest-revenue sports-football and basketball-the argument in favor of paying players is so searingly obvious as to seem undeniable. These athletes collectively generate tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars annually for their schools.” (New Yorker) According to the New Yorker “Paying student athletes erodes that association. If a high-school football prodigy reporter that he chose Michigan not for its academic quality, tradition, or beautiful campus but because it outbid all other suitors, a connection to the university’s values would be lost. This is not naïve idealism.” (New Yorker) The coaches at the college level are considered overpaid, but this not ture. Coaches provide the

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