College Is An Exciting Time For Any Student

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College is an exciting time for any student. For many it’s the first time they have fully been away from home for an extended period of time and for the most part out from under the umbrella of their parents influence and control. Whether it’s a university an hour away, across the state and for a few possibly across the country this is the first time you’re considered an adult in the eyes of law and free to make your own choices and decisions. The idea of going to college and deciding what career you want to pursue is very exciting because you finally get to pursue your interests and determine if that is in fact what you want to do for the rest of your life. However despite graduating high school many of those fears and stigmas are still embedded in our minds and follow us to college. The fear of being judged for your looks, clothing, interests, hobbies, and just overall what you just enjoy doing. Many of these we can push past by finding friends with similar interests but the stigma with eating alone for many is something they have a hard time trying to escape because of what it meant in high school. Western Carolina is considered a small school compared to a school like East Carolina University whose undergraduate enrollment is more than double the size of our entire enrollment and UNC-Chapel Hill who is triple our entire enrollment which is just above ten thousand. Regardless of the size of the school and having graduated with friends who attend all of these schools one…
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