College Pressure On College Students

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Enwerem O. Collins
Professor Patricia McEvoy-Jamil
English 1301
30 June 2015 Understanding College Pressure In the United States today, Colleges are made up of individuals, both the young and the old from different works of life, who come from different backgrounds. They have different religious belief, morals, and attitudes; this make them see problems differently. They come together with a single purpose which is to learn. Some people think College is all about a society of students having fun, or living a carefree life, but majority of the students face so much pressure of rushing to meet deadlines and cramming for exams and so many more. There are three categories of College Pressure working on College students today: economic pressure, parental pressure, and peer pressure. First of all, you might want to ask why economic pressures is one of the pressures College students go through. The answer is as simple as what society do College students live in. Do they live in a society where much of academic excellence are not demanded, or do they live in a society where transcripts has become very important. In the United States today, employers are looking for the best A’s in a transcript-I mean the best of best in students. This alone puts pressure on college students. This put College students in pressure just to get the A’s rather than concentrating on the skills and knowledge they have to learn. However, a student living in a country where prices keep going up-

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