College Readiness Essay

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Determining college readiness is an essential part in determining who will qualify as a good candidate for admission into a college or a university. The last thing that colleges want is for students to qualify for admission and drop out, this affects drop out rate and graduation rate. According Robin Chait and Andrea Venezia (2009), to about 83 percent of high school graduates enroll in some form of postsecondary education, but only about 52 percent of students complete their degrees. Further, a very small proportion of students complete a degree in four years—“among students starting at ‘four-year’ institutions, only 34 percent finish a B.A. in four years, 64 percent within six years, and 69 percent within eight and a half years.”…show more content…
According to David Conley, readiness for college contains four key principles: key cognitive strategies, key content knowledge, key self management skills, key knowledge about post and secondary education. Although college readiness can be measured sing ACT and SAT scores, which developed a college readiness benchmarks to see whether a prospective college student has a high prospect of success in college courses of English, social sciences, Algebra and biology. However, if your test scores are not meeting the typical benchmarked standard does that truly determine I you are ready for college. No. One thing we have to take under deep consideration is that each student is different and some don’t test very well. What happens to a child who has a really good GPA, high determination and a low test score? College recruits deem that these children are not college ready. College readiness should be measured with a more natural eye, because some students may not be good in particular subject areas, however, what would be the likeness of high school students completing and earning a degree in a field that they enjoy. The nature of humans is to do things that they enjoy, to read stories that they can relate too, to complete a task that means a lot to them. This is the natural eye that we should look at college readiness with. How determined and passionate are the students on furthering their education. How
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