College Should Be Free

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Should the cost of earning a college degree be free? Some students,parents, and educators say that it is morally wrong for a child to spend their entire life going to public school for free and having them to just turn around and pay for college. The students, parents, and educators all would agree that the cost of obtaining a college degree should indeed be free. Those who are against this issue believe that the students themselves or their parents who are financially able should pay for some or all of the expense of attending college after all public school students are given a free ride from elementary to high school. Understanding and considering both sides of the issue, I strongly stand by the decision stating that the cost of attending college should be free.

To begin, earning a college degree should be based on a students intellectual ability to complete the curriculum not their ability to meet financial guidelines. Most colleges say that they accept students who have a two point zero grade point average or higher, standard SAT and ACT scores, and the twenty four credits needed to graduate, but once a student meets all the qualifications they are still turned down due to the fact that they are unable to pay the cost that is needed for college. Students unable to meet federal guidelines in order to receive financial aid also may not qualify for income based scholarships. In America the cost of living and tuition has increased while the average household income

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