College Sports Is Not A Career Or Profession

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An article written by Horace Mitchell called, “Students Are Not Professional Athletes”, caught my attention the moment I read the title. In the article, Mitchell said “Collegiate sports is not a career or profession. It is the students ' vehicle to a higher education degree.” Meaning that you only play college sport for four year, if that. You are at college to get an education and to get a job after and start your life. There are only a select number of collegiate athletes that will go to the professionals. If you are not one of those select few, but still receiving a scholarship, you are there to play sport because it pays your tuition. Mitchell then says that most division one athlete do not have time for a job, but maybe raising the financial aid would help out. I think this would be a good idea, but if they increasing the financial aid, they should make it available to all divisions. But, if it is increased, what happens if the NCAA runs out of money to pay for all the athletes to go to college for free? Where would the money come from then. No matter the situation involving the NCAA it would take years and years of figuring out to even be considered. Kristi Dosh wrote an article titled “The Problems With Paying College Athletes”. Her main argument against athletes getting paid is, where will all the money come from? She says that there are only fourteen schools that are making profit without have to rely on institutional support. Those schools include, Notre Dame,
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