College Sports Vs. College Athletes

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Jonah Kosakiewicz Honors English Period One 4-9-17 Title Over the years, college sports have been adored by all people around the United States. These famous sports are being played not by professional athletes, but by kids that are in our generation. On television, these college athletes will show all of their hard work, but what the public does not see is what is going on after the lights have turned off and all of the athletes have gone back to their dorms. In a study in 2008, Buckman found that among male student-athletes, 9.7 percents say they use ¨banned performance enhancers¨ and 55.8 percent say they used performance enhancers (this could be banned or not banned) (¨Measuring Drug and Alcohol use Among College …show more content…

If you think closely, this contradicts California 's ruling over their student-athletes. This is because the NCAA has different policies over the United States and this is a big issue on why college athletes are getting away with substance abuse. Since there is not an over blanketing policy over the whole NCAA program, students are able to slip past the rules and almost give themselves a sense of being able to get past the rules. But this is not the only thing that gives student athletes an excuse to use performance enhancers. Some key issues with fatuous college students is that they are influenced by outside forces very easy. This could be anything from other students to their coaches. In a study of a division one college and a division three college, three participants said “if the coach is saying, ‘take these illegal performance-enhancers,’ you are going to want to do that because… you are gonna want to play… you are going to want to do what the coach says” (“Voices of Male athletes on drug use, drug testing, and the existing order in intercollegiate athletes”). This is just one example of where coaches are pressuring students into using illegal drugs just to perform better. Since the coach is in charge of how the drugs test are being displayed, the student-athlete will not get into trouble which in turn will hurt them later on. An example of when a coach deviated from the rules and actually got fired for skewing results is at

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