College Students : An Exciting Step Into Adulthood

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Going away to college for most students is an exciting step into adulthood because of the freedom and responsibility that comes with it. It also can be a bit overwhelming for those same reasons. In high school most seniors imagine coming to college to make new friends, party and to create endless memories. In college it is so easy for time to slip away if it is not scheduled out correctly. Which is one of many reasons that only 40% of college students graduate in four consecutive years (Luckerson). Developing a four year plan is highly recommended amongst educational professional granted it will change a few times because of the decision to change majors. Graduating in four years is a very achievable goal if the student has good time management skills and dedication but statistically speaking 60% of students graduate within six years (Luckerson). Although time management may sound like an obvious trait to have it is often over looked. When practiced correctly in daily life it can increase grades, promote student involvement, and ease stress Time management Time management refers to the way that a individual organizes and plans how long to spend on specific activities (‘What is time management” 1). Time management is the major key to success in college. In high school some may complain about having one week to read a book and write on it. But in college when a student takes a English class or especially a writing intensive class they will have to do that, plus more for

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