College Students' Exposure to Mental Illness

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Introduction Many American students who graduate school seeking a higher education through college and or technical school is typically idolized amongst families and peers. Unfortunately, college has become extremely expensive for those living in the middle and lower class households. Many students often apply for student loans to compensate for what scholarships and federal financial aid to do not cover, such as the expenses of tuition, books, room and boarding fee. The stress of financial aid alone often interferes with a student’s ability to successfully learn. College students often face restless nights. They sometimes become over ecstatic about distractions relating to their social status concerning how much income they receive and their interpersonal relationships with their peers. The use of recreational drugs and alcohol often interfere with a college students’ amount of rest. In being in college students often spend their weekends and free time with their peers where they will engage in drinking alcohol to the point of intoxication and smoking marijuana, both substances impair an individual’s mind and body. A college student often experiences educational and person stressors such as, family and relationship issues and effectively completing assignments, which interfere directly with the amount of sleep they may receive. A combination of social pressures and educational stressors to depression and or mental instability can expose a student to depression and or mental

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