College Tuition Should Be Free Essay

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College Tuition Should Be Free For All Students

College tuition should be free because even with a good degree it is hard for students to overcome the crippling debt of college tuition. High tuition prices are also an obstacle that keeps out those without access to affordable education, even though they may be great candidates who may do well in college and head their field in the future. The current system displays several flaws. The government should put the money slotted for financial aid into the state’s education budget so that tuition can be free and to create a better and more fruitful learning environment.
College debt in the U.S. has risen to just around 1.2 trillion dollars and rises about $2,726 every second (Berman). These numbers are astronomical, and to put them in perspective, the to- tal debt of the United States of America is just under 20 trillion. When starting to see numbers to this degree, it’s time to take action by not letting this debt grow any larger and trying to start lowering it. People are beginning to understand that our current system may not be viable in the future. More than two-thirds of Americans support tuition-free college because they want an ed- ucation themselves or for their children, but don 't want to be beset with crippling debt throughout the rest of their lives (White).
College should be free for students because the U.S. government has many ways to make reasonable changes that would lead to a surplus of money that they then

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