Collegiate Student Athletes

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How many of us have sat at our desk in class and dreamed of being the next Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Imagining yourself flying through the air for a fierce dunk or hitting the game-winning shot over the outstretched arms of your defender only for the teacher to bring you back down to earth and ask you to solve the math problem on the board from last night’s homework. Scenarios like these are the reality many student-athletes face daily. Balancing academics and athletics simultaneously is not an easy task even for the brightest and most talented athletes. The goal of this booklet is to educate you, the student-athlete, on the requirements needed to qualify for collegiate competition as well as the expectations that you will be faced with…show more content…
We will examine two common scenarios that are aspiring collegiate student-athletes are faced with when attempting to gain their eligibility. Together we will examine the high school student-athlete, including the post-graduate and fifth-year senior. Next is the junior college student-athlete. And finally, as a bonus due to a significant increase in collegiate transfers in recent years we will examine regaining eligibility status when leaving one academic institution and arriving at another. Also, it is important for me to note that in this booklet we will evaluate the criteria need to qualify for competition in NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 as well as NAIA Division 1 and…show more content…
Academically, these student-athletes are typically looking to qualify for participation in the NCAA by raising their core GPA or improving the standardized test scores. Athletically the postgraduate student-athlete may be concerned with the an extra year to mature physically or improve his game through skill work, strength and conditioning as playing the game against top competition. Student-athletes that choose the PG option often attend what is called a prep school. A prep school is primarily an athletic training institute that allows student-athletes an opportunity to improve the grade point average or standardized test scores. There is a significant difference from a prep school and a school simply with a prep or postgraduate program. The latter Various schools across the nation may be. Many excellent prep schools and prep programs exist in the United States. In the northeastern United States, the New England Prep Schools Athletic Council is home to many of the nation's top PG programs. The NEPSAC consists of four classes: A, B, C, and D with the A class being elite. My home state of Virginia is home to the Big 4 Military PG programs: Fishburne, Fork Union, Hargrave and Massanutten with. North Carolina and South Carolina have their fair share of PG opportunities as well with school such as the Charis Prep,
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