Essay on Colombia: A South American Country

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The Republic of Colombia
Geography, Population, and Climate
The Republic of Colombia, often known as Colombia, is located in northwestern South America. Colombia is boarded by the Caribbean Sea, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. Colombia is approximately 439,700 square miles. As of January 2014, the estimated population is 47,425,000 people, about 105 people per square mile. Colombia is divided into 32 departments and a capital district. The capital of Colombia is Bogota, which has a population of 7.6 million people. The official currency of Colombia is the Peso, which is also used in Chile, Uruguay, Cuba, and Mexico. Currently, one US dollar is equal to 2017.82 Colombian pesos.
Since the equator runs though the southern part of Colombia, it is considered to have a tropical climate. Due to small changes in temperature throughout the year, seasons are not characterized by temperature like they are in the United States, but rather by the amount of rainfall. In North Colombia, there is a dry season from December to March. In South Colombia, there is a dry season in June and July. The area of Colombia along the Pacific Coast is rainy all year round. The official language of Colombia is Spanish. However, several native languages such as Romani, Wayuu, and Embura are still spoken in Colombia.
The government of Colombia is set up similar to the United States. The Colombian Constitution of 1991 established their liberal democracy. Their…