Colonials In The European Colonies

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Already preoccupied with domestic issues such as the Christian Reformation, England did not seem to aspire to yet compete with Spain for the American colonies. Overall allowed the Americans to build up their new homes.

An example of a geographical advantage that affected the U.S would be the Mississippi River as the abundance of water as well as the ability to irrigate plantations/ crops kept the colonies well fed and with a steady supply of water.

This statement is very amusing as it displays the arrogance of Europeans, it’s basically stating that the Americas and it’s inhabitants were primitive and underdeveloped overall being completely insignificant as the Europeans had no knowledge of the continent’s existence. Later in time with Christopher Columbus’ discovery and after the Europeans began cultivating the land establishing colonies then the “New World began to have value”.

The North American Indians were commonly known as tribal nomads that inhabited said continent, North America = “The New World”. The common feature(s) between these different tribes were the similar diets as well as religious practices as both had primary diets of maize and sacrificed various things to appease their gods.

Adventurous men supported by equally ambitious and imperialistic governments as well as business owners had ultimately led to these European nations to explore new lands and trade routes to conquer.

The outcome of the Portuguese exploring the continent of Africa had led
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