Colorado : The Mountain National Park

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When it comes to beautiful rock formations, geological wonder, and natural beauty, Colorado has all that to offer. Colorado is the state where The Rocky Mountain National Park was born. The geological and natural wonders of the park leave many guest visiting the area coming back for more every year. This state is also gifted with one of the biggest attraction in America: The Grand Canyon. Colorado is full of geological and natural majesty. The Rocky Mountain National Park was created in the right time at the right place. Many geologist come here yearly to study the rocks and the different scenes and to experience all the things that the park has to offer. Sightseers come here to have a good time and enjoy the park amenities such as hiking, dinning, and lodging. There’s even a rock collection point where guests and geologists can collect and study the rocks. As said before, The Grand Canyon National Park has many geological happenings and events. One of them being that way that the mountains look today is because of millions of years of erosion due to ice and water. Another reason is titanic forces causing repeated uplifting of the mountains. When it comes to the geologic history of the park about 1.8 to 2 million years ago rocks were deposited in an ancient sea. These rocks were originally siltstone, some volcanic rocks, sandstone, and shale. Eventually these rocks, which are sedimentary rocks, were caught in a collision zone between tectonic plates and some of Earth’s
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