Columbia City High School Debate Analysis

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Little kids are the worst. They’re undoubtedly cute, but they use that to their advantage to manipulate adults. Little kids are selfish, malicious, careless, and seek only instant gratification. Unfortunately, these characteristics are sometimes retained into the teenage years. Even adults, if they were never educated or disciplined, can preserve some of the negative characteristics of childhood. It takes external forces to civilize a child. It could be gentle scolding from parents or guidance from a church. Both of these scenarios certainly played a role in my own development, but the event that most contributed to my evolution to a better person was joining my school’s debate team. Joining debate, while perhaps not completely eliminating the child within me, has led me to pursue an enlightened version of myself who seeks education, acts morally, and promotes community.
During my early adolescence, I only cared about learning the truth
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The Columbia City High School debate team is not especially large; in fact, Mr. Woodhouse struggles to keep more than a few active members. This unfortunate situation, and the intense recruitment efforts it necessitates, have led me to develop a much greater devotion to the team than I had ever felt towards any team before. Mr. Woodhouse, the several other active members, and I work together to other people to discover debate and all that it has to offer. In fact, a community is one of those positive aspects of debate. In addition to the strong bonds within a team, debaters find friends and mentors in other teams as well. While there is certainly a healthy dose of competition and rivalry within the debate circuit, it also fosters cordial, supportive relationships among the participants, coaches, and judges. This reality helped me to realize how similar I am to people who seemed completely different from me, building my sense of and devotion to
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