“Columbine High School/Littleton, Co.” Analytical Essay

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Ryan Douvlos English 050 Analytical Essay Imaginative writing is an art that expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way. This art involves universal laws of human nature, and both time and place. Without connecting the reader through these principles, the author’s work is somewhat meaningless. In order for the author to gain something through his/her work, the author must be able to manipulate the perceptions of the reader. This can be done by successfully incorporating the five elements of craft found in literature. These elements function to focus the reader towards a specific end, and the five elements include: image, voice, character, setting and story. It is imperative that the author utilizes these elements to create a…show more content…
The last four lines of the poem also follow the same principles as the perspective in lines 10-13, and key words which make this perspective first person point of view are the use of the words “us” and “our.” Moving to a less sophisticated and more recognizable element of writing, the craft of character will be discussed. There is one single character presented in this poem, and that is the woman in the photograph who is leaning against the beam. She is portrayed directly; mainly through the image of the photograph the reader is given. The woman is also represented through action and thoughts as well. In this poem, the reader is told that the woman’s grief is heavy, and that her sorrow is pouring out into the wood. This connection of the woman’s thoughts to the wood signifies the elements of action and thoughts. Although the woman is the only single character in the poem, she takes the role of a flat character in this piece, in the sense that she represents a single idea. The idea the woman possesses in this piece is that of sorrow. The narrator of the story is the protagonist in this poem. The narrator is not a part of the tragic even that occurred in this poem, but rather a spectator whose goal in this poem is to assess and make sense of the situation. First the narrator glances at the photograph, and then deeply focuses

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