Columbine Misconceptions

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While both Michael Moore as well as John Stossel made compelling arguments, both were filled with flaws, however, I believe Michael Moore made the more compelling argument. Michael Moore in his film Bowling for Columbine was analyzing why the gun crime rate in the United States is much higher than other industrialized countries and he primarily focuses on Canada. Before establishing this relationship between the US and Canada he does this by addressing some common misconceptions that people believe lead to an increased amount of gun violence. These include access to violent video games, a history of violence as well as heavy metal music such as Marylyn Manson. Most people would shrug these off as not having to deal with gun violence but Michael…show more content…
He shows that although the US has many similarities, both have a high level of gun ownership (although he does have a biased spin on this as he interviews a man in a gun shop), we both have a relatively similar amount of immigration and racial diversity, we have a similar amount of poverty. He does this to show that none of this has anything to do with the United States unusually high level of gun violence. He ten points to our media, ours is vastly filled with violence and fear whereas the media in Canada focuses on speed bumps as we saw during the video. The community also said that they were not fearful and would leave their doors open at all hours of the day, this is something that would be unimaginable at least for me and I believe many Americans. I’m not sold on the idea that fear is what causes us to be a more violent society not only in terms of gun violence but in all violence. I believe that there may be other reasons that could explain our high level of gun violence. In the end Michael Moore while some of his evidence was lacking and/or biased did a decent job at trying to convey his
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