Com/156 Week 6 Assignment

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Animals: Working For a Living Kristin Pachella COM/156 September 22, 2012 Kelly Rottman Animals: Working For a Living There are many different types of animals that work for us. There are three types of service animals that help the disabled. Guide animals assist the blind, hearing animals signal the deaf, and there are many other animals that help persons with other disabilities. Another way that animals work for us is by providing emotional support to those with mental health issues. These animals are usually prescribed by a doctor and they are called emotional support animals. One last way that we can see an animal working is in the military. There are many military working dogs that serve to protect us just as a …show more content…

These animals are there to provide not only emotional support, but they also provide their humans with companionship. Jim was a lost individual that spent a lot of time isolating himself from people. Jim is a veteran and he was filled with anxiety after being deployed. Jim now has an emotional support dog named, Sarge. Sarge is there for Jim and she helps his anxiety level. When Jim is in a crowd of people, his anxiety level rises. But, with Sarge by his side, he is able to go out and do normal things. Jim was on a lot of medication and now with Sarge, he is off all the medication. Sarge really did a lot to help Jim and now Jim is working with an organization called Paws and Stripes. It is an organization that works to bring these emotional support dogs to our veterans that suffer from a mental or physical disability. It is amazing how just one dog can bring about such a change in a person. (Psychiatric Service Dog Society, 2012) Last but definitely not least, military working dogs are another way that we can see animals working for us. Late one night on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Cairo, a military working dog, braced for landing in one of two Black Hawk helicopters. Cairo, a Belgian Malinois, a breed known for acute intelligence, sat alert, supremely alert to the mood of the soldiers traveling with him. This was a different mission as the helicopters they

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