Week 6 Assignment

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Week 6 – Assignment 1
As an international development researcher, you have already tested whether perceptions about the current levels of democracy differ from a value of 6. Given recent social change movements in North Africa, you now want to determine whether there is a statistical difference in these perceptions between North Africa and Southern Africa. Using the data from the 2015 Afrobarometer, please provide: a
1–2 APA style paragraph statement that furnishes an answer to this question, note the relevant statistics, comment on meaningfulness, and include your relevant SPSS output. Group Statistics Country by region N Mean Std. Deviation Std. Error Mean
Q43. Satisfaction with democracy Southern Africa 16922 2.48 1.077 .008 North …show more content…

270)” is:
2. There is a statistical difference in the current level of democracy between North and South Africa.
In the Group Statistics box
The mean for variable 1 (Southern Africa) is 2.48. The mean for variable 2 (North Africa) is 2.28. The standard deviation for variable 1 is 1.077 and for variable 2, 9.68. The number of participants in each condition variable 1 N = 16922 and variable 2 N = 5466.
• South Africans had a slightly higher mean of 2.48 as compared to North Africans mean of 2.28.
Levene’s test for Equality of Variances:
• t (10181.138) = 12.843, p = 0.000, a= 0.05
• 2 tailed P-value is 0.000
If the P value is large, the data do not give you any reason to conclude that the population mean differs from the hypothetical value you entered. If the P value is small (usually defined to mean less than 0.05), then it is unlikely that the discrepancy you observed between sample mean and hypothetical mean is due to a coincidence arising from random sampling (Interpreting Results, (n.d)).
Since the P-value is less than our alpha value of 0.05, we reject the null hypothesis and conclude that there is as a significant difference between the Levels of democracy.
With a P-value of 0.00, we have a strong level of significance. No additional information is needed to ensure that the data given is accurate.
The data provided is helpful in determining the nations perception of democracy so that it may help improve and put in place interventions that promote

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