Comfort Zone Essay

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Comfort zone is securing people in a place where they feel themselves safely away from circumstances in life. The individuals can feel safe what they want, but they are damaging themselves in certain ways. They will adapt to the comfort life which, it will make it difficult for them to overcome comfort zone. This is a major problem for society because it prevents them from accomplishing goals like make important business decisions, socialize with people, denied internship opportunities feeling they are uncapable of handling certain tasks, etc. All the elements listed are taken away from people because they want to secure themselves in a safe zone where they would not tolerate with responsibilities. They are not aware they are damaging…show more content…
Challenges are the structure of self-development, so people could to develop critical-thinking skills to overcome those challenges. For example, workers are constantly encountering new set of challenges. The challenges help workers to gain more knowledge of their career and will prepare them for future challenges. According to a journal written by Doody discussed on jumping out of comfort zone in a medical field, “issues pertaining to patient safety and operative outcome targets may restrict the amount of autonomy that a trainee may be given to move from his or her comfort zone to the learning zone” (Doody). This prepares workers to encounter challenges, and how they will handle the situation either on their own or help from others. By doing so medical trainees will be able to adjust to their jobs on a medical field. It can help them learn and develop new tactics dealing with the situation because “advanced learners who require more complex, unpredictable challenges with higher stakes to maximize their learning” (Doody). People who are set in complex challenges will be able to handle the situation, which it can increase their ability to handle similar challenges they will encounter in the future. Comfort zones limits people from handling challenges, but enforcing challenges within their work can help them overcome the comfort zone. Challenges are necessary for people
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