Comic Evaluation Essay

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L.B. Composition II Cartoon Analysis March 05, 2014 Escaping The Humdrum of School In a favorite cartoon of mine by the name of Calvin & Hobbes, cartoonist Bill Waterson has shown in a few short scenes what almost all kids already believe about school. Whether it is the way things are presented or the general disinterest some children have with formal education, there is a perspective that children have on education which is oftentimes carried right into adulthood. Through use of visual aids, emotional excitement, the experiences we've all had in school and that inner child in all of us, Bill Waterson shows that traditional school is boring, and even the adults know it!…show more content…
The artist having drawn her calm and cool implies that as well. She's not snapping in excitement, nor is she scolding him or using judgmental words. She is, simply, understanding. The entire cartoon the artist uses visual aids, words, exclamation marks, and real life experiences that we have all had. It paints a picture that we all likely thought in a traditional class at one time - what on earth am I doing here! And yet, we're reminded by the self-controlled teacher why we're there. There are but 32 words and about nine visual queues in this strip and yet it touches something within us that we have all felt, and that we can all on some level agree with - traditional school is boring and we all know it! Waterson, Bill. Calvin & Hobbes. Cartoon. Web Forest View Blog. Kent S, 9 February 2011. Web. 5 March
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