Puberty Blues, By Film And My Own Society And Culture

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When examining the 1980s film Puberty Blues, using techniques of content analysis and personal reflection, I have observed certain differences and similarities between the culture depicted in the film and my own society and culture. The subject of the film is the journey that two young people go on as they transition from adolescence into adulthood, I will be outlining what exactly that means.

There are a number of societal concepts that have changed over time, these changes are clearly exhibited when comparing the culture of Puberty Blues to my own. One of these concepts is gender roles. In the film, gender roles are clearly defined, masculinity and femininity are two completely different sociatel constructs that must be followed. Gender roles provide the basis for the status quo, where boys are in charge and served by girls who are used and policed by boys.

Girls behaviour is policed in that they cannot do anything that is strictly for boys, for example “Girls can’t surf!” and “Girl’s cant’ eat in front of boys” are two quotes from the movie that dictate how a girl must behave. Gender roles even transcend the social heirarchy, in that even the popular surfie girls are subject to being used by boys and told what to do. It even affects typical coming of age rites of passage, like when Debbie and Sue are drinking tequila and a boy goes “Tequila? Pretty strong stuff for a little girl.” It seems that to become a popular girl, you must assimilate into the feminine gender
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