Coming Of Age Throughout Mississippi, By Anne Moody

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Being born into a racially divided society, such as America during slavery and the decades after the Civil War, does not mean that you are born with the knowledge of racism. Racism is something that we are not born with and that we are raised to experience, follow, or fix. During the 19th century and all the way up till mid 20th century, racism was one of the biggest issues in America. Former slaves and anyone who had lived in America for some time, was aware of the racial tension that traveled through the heart of the nation and only got worse the more south you go. In Anne Moody’s autobiography, Coming of Age in Mississippi, Moody’s life is told through her eyes. It goes through her childhood until her participation in the Civil Rights movement. One of the major parts in the book is her slowly realizing the racial divide in America and the disadvantages that her skin color had come with. All the racism Moody experienced as a child until she was an adolescent led to her decision to become part of the Civil Rights movement. Growing up in rural Mississippi was a childhood filled with racism, segregation, and intimidation. These came with every childhood, black or white. Growing up in rural Mississippi as a black child just added more complications like disadvantages, lower quality of life, the risk of being lynched, and many more horrors. This was the reality for Anne Moody. Anne Moody was a young, black girl who grew up living with her father, mother and younger siblings.
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