Coming Of Age Throughout Mississippi

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Deandra Green
Professor Joshua Jeffers
United States History II
3 November 2015
Coming of Age in Mississippi The book Coming of Age in Mississippi goes into detail about a very prominent time in United States history. The book takes us back to a time where the issue of civil rights began to rise eventually reaching its peak marking this an unforgettable time in history for that generation and for generations to come. During this time the south in general was already a tough place to be in, but the in the Deep South things were even worse, which is where the story takes place. Not only was race a huge issue other things factored into these trying times such as huge levels of poverty, and various acts of violence. Although all of these factors played a crucial part to the make-up of the Civil Rights Movement, the one that stands out the most is prejudice with the other factors such as unfair gender roles and poverty falling suit behind. Anne Moody shares different stages of her life throughout the book, starting from her childhood documenting life changing events all the way through her adult life. We learn in the beginning that Moody had many difficult times during her childhood. From her home life to the way she was treated outside of her home. Her family was torn apart when she was young, and for many children that can be extremely tough leaving a life-long impression. Moody’s father left, basically abandoning them during a time where they should have been getting

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